Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

I just found out this morning that my daughter, who is taking a shift for a co-worker today, is doing this because the 28 year old co-worker won $1,000,000 a couple of weeks ago in the lottery.  Can you even imagine that?  I think about all the debts that I could pay off, the tuition payments that I could relieve my girls of, the surgery that my dog would benefit from (more on that later). the trip to Europe that I’d love to take my girls on, and so much more, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m jealous.  It’s been reported that she plans to buy a new house, a new car, and take some fantasy vacations.  What would you do if you won $1,000,000?

Okay, so back to my poor little doggy.  He’s a 12-year-old yellow lab, not so little at approx 80 lbs, and he’s beginning to show signs of arthritis.  Last night and today he is having a hard time getting up and down the stairs and finding it difficult to get up after laying for a prolonged amount of time.  He’s even having trouble squatting to go to the washroom.  It makes me so sad.  Other than that he’s so full of life.  He’s still a big puppy and I don’t want him to be in pain.  I’ve been doing a lot of research online and after speaking to my vet it was recommended to at least start giving him glucosamine once a day which can help to relieve the pain and build the joints back up.  We’re also going to build a ramp so that he can get up and down the stairs more easily.  Sometimes surgery is necessary but I hope it doesn’t come to that because we could never afford it.  Is it silly to ask for prayers for my dog-baby?

I’m trying to make some headway on the 100 cards in 100 days challenge as time is quickly running out.  I have just over a month to complete this challenge and I don’t like giving up.  So I spent some time making some cards and I’m showcasing 3 of them today.  Two of these cards are double fold pocket cards.  The other one is just a variation of it.  These make cards #30, 31, & 32 for the challenge.

     apoh-aug15-061        apoh-aug15-064



My Crafting Channel said...

Wow these are beautiful. There is no way i could meet that challenge. lol You go girl.

Hugs Nana
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maryrose said...

Sharon, I, too, have a twelve yr. old lab, but she's been showing arthritis signs for quite a while now (even with glucosamine tabs for over a year now). It got really bad this summer. She now takes nine pills every day...glucosamine, senior vitamin, thyroid meds, pain reliever, and anti-inflammatory. It's helping, but boy, what an expense! I'm calling myself a geriatric canine caregiver these days! Hope your lab feels better soon!

~ Sharon ~ said...

Maryrose, thanks for the info. What kind of pain reliever and anti-inflammatory do you use and what's the dosage, please.

Carolina Little said...

Oh Sharon I'm so sad to hear that about your dog. I have a mix of Lab and Retriever. He is almost six years old and at two the vet found out that he has a bad case of hip displesia. He is not doing bad, we are buying him special food that benefits the joints, but I know that eventually will have the same problem. I LOVE him so much. He is my fourth baby!!!. I dedicate a card today in my blog. All the best for your baby!!!. Your cards are gorgeous by the way!!!

~ Sharon ~ said...

Thanks, Carolina. I'm on my way over to your blog to check out the card you made. Stop by again soon.

Lynn's Place said...

Awesome Blog glad your about on the DT @ Clear it Out Tuesday

~ Sharon ~ said...

Thanks, Lynn. And thanks for becoming a follower.

Cindy - John 3:16 said...

Philippians 4:6 NKJV
Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;

It is NOT silly to ask for prayer for your dog. Your dog was created by God, just as we were. The Bible teaches us to pray for everything and to have faith, and not to waiver. I will pray for your dog too.

TY for the freebie, and good luck with your 100 cards challenge! :)